You are probably wondering who is behind Denis Marlon? I am about to tell you the full story, starting from the beginning. I am Almudena Navalón Martín, founder of Denis Marlon brand, a brand name that emerged from the union of my last names, Martín and Navalón. Hence, in my first journalistic works I decided to sign them with the name, Almudena Marlon.

Why design my own shoes? My passion for fashion, architecture and art, gave me at an early age the opportunity to generate and develop ideas that helped me grow both personally and professionally. Hard work but always with great enthusiasm makes every step of the way count and this same philosophy led to the creation of Marlon. One summer in the Algarve, shortly after my daughter was born, I approached a craft shoe stand with the idea of taking a look. I fell in love with a pair of sandals, but they didn’t have my size. A friend who tagged along, gave me an idea: why don’t you design your own shoes? At the time I did not give it any importance and I just processed it as an anecdote, but over time that idea kept hovering around my head.

One day I told myself why not? Entrepreneurship is not easy, but with the collaboration and help of professionals who can guide me and the strength and support of my family and friends, Marlon makes sense. That was when I decided to get down to work.

At the beginning I hesitated and wasn’t sure if I should design shoes or sneakers, but after weighing the pros and cons, I picked sneakers after a good friend, which with whom I spent many afternoons designing head sketches of what Marlon sneakers would look like, cheered me on.

My goal was to create handmade fashionable shoes, made in Spain, comfortable, with attractive designs and great quality, that could adapt to any situation in today’s modern world. Sneakers that can dress up any look and any occasion but most importantly that could become a trend.

Finally I opted for sneakers with platforms as Marlon’s trademark. And you will wonder why? Well, because these shoes bring together everything that I was looking for: the comfort of sports shoes, the elegance of the materials and the originality of the designs. That is how Marlon sneakers came about and with them I made my dream come true, our dream.

But there is more. Denis Marlon goes beyond sneakers. You just have to pay attention and watch out for the brand’s latest news and updates and you will learn that there is much more to discover. For now, I invite you to see that all those wearing Marlon can no longer live without them. Do you dare to Marlon?

Almudena Navalón