Almudena Navalon Martin, founder of the brand.

This arises from the union of her surnames, Martin and Navalon and another family surname, Denis.

She decided to jump into design because she always had a taste for fashion, music and art. So much so that from an early age she made her generate concerns that always helped her grow personally and professionally. She always had a passion for shoes.

A journalist by profession to which she owes herself, as she says “it has given her many joys and she has no intention of ever leaving her” she dreamed of creating a brand, with values ​​and characteristic design.

One summer in the Algarve, shortly after her daughter was born, it was a friend of hers who, knowing about Almudena’s taste for shoes and her design, encouraged him to design his own. Little by little the idea took more and more shape.

Undertaking has not been an easy task, since it is a brand that is built from scratch. Searching for manufacturers in accordance with certain sustainability values ​​has been even more difficult. But with the collaboration and help of the professionals who accompany Denis Marlon, everything makes sense.

At first there was a doubt between shoes or sneakers, but after weighing it, he decided on sneakers, more fashionable, more current, more for everyone.

Denis Marlon’s goal is to differentiate himself from the rest, to make sustainable fashion but without neglecting the latest trends, handmade and made in Europe.

Finally we opted to differentiate ourselves through unique color combinations and focus on the “heels”, giving all of them a distinctive design.

We invite you to continue discovering DENIS MARLON. You have to give us time to continue creating this great family, with values that we intend to make you part of. We will go beyond Sneakers.

For now, we invite you to check that whoever wears Marlon can no longer live without them. Do you dare to Marlon?

Almudena Navalón


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