When the brand Denis Marlon was created, it was fundamental to find a workshop the met two fundamental conditions:

  1. First, an unmistakable style, in which the client could quickly visually identify every sneaker model.
  2. Second but not least, promote and be responsible with the environment. Being conscious during the manufacturing and development of the sneakers.

Full of enthusiasm and desire we set way to Alicante. We sought to find “our workshop”, one that understood our project and values. After numerous attempts, we finally found the one we were looking for, and it was love at first sight.

The designs were presented and they immediately understood Marlon’s values and vibe. The satisfaction was maximum. There was no time to lose. The process felt both very short and at the same time very long. There was much enthusiasm and effort because we all wanted the project to see the light.

For Marlon it was fundamental that all the production of its sneakers took place in Spain, being developed by the best artisans of our country who would help us manufacture our shoes.




We would like to tell you that Denis Marlon is firmly committed to local development and tradition. Our company is very sensitive and aware of its surroundings and environment, a value that is passed on to the brand. Making sure that all the manufacturing of our shoes is done in a respectful way. The leather skins are from sustainable factories and no animals die specifically for this purpose. They come from a sustainable and CERTIFIED industry.

Just as a chef selects the raw materials to cook his dishes, Denis Marlon has selected the best skins to create the shoes. All of them undergo rigorous quality controls and their origin is perfectly certified. Our goal is that our sneakers are synonymous with comfort and especially quality.


Each Marlon pair is special. All the details have been taken care of to make it happen. From the design of each sneaker, to the packaging that is unique and customized. Following these guidelines Denis Marlon tries to communicate the personal value behind each pair of sneakers and establishes what makes each pair authentic and unique in the market.

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