Spain and footwear are two terms that almost go together. And, more specifically, the Valencian community and municipalities such as Elche. This area of Spain would not be understood without its great tradition in footwear manufacturing throughout history. Likewise, it would not be understood without the undeniable influence, even at a global level, that it has. That’s why our sneakers were made there. Looking for artisan manufacture, we have managed to offer artisan shoes. And, we can say, with designation of origin.

The Spanish footwear sector has been, is and will be a reference point in fashion. But, above all, it contributes significantly to the Spain Brand and to the guarantee offered by MADE IN SPAIN. Celebrities, international celebrities, models, designers. . . and countless other people all over the world are betting on footwear made in Spain.

There are several municipalities in Alicante where this sector is established. But if there is one that is recognized worldwide, it is the municipality of Elche. Centuries and centuries endorse its contribution to this once again booming sector. They don’t stray from their essence in manufacturing. Although, more modernized than years ago, but they do not forget their roots and their way of making quality footwear.


This municipality of Alicante, is a reference in the manufacture of footwear. If you walk through its streets you can’t help but feel its influence on tradition and craftsmanship. There are dozens of footwear craftsmen who live there. Tens of years of tradition and dedication. And thousands of people who live by and for the manufacture of shoes.

A manufacture that has changed a lot in the last decades. Above all, with the emergence of new countries where manufacturing is faster and cheaper. But certainly not with the quality and experience that have certified this municipality for many centuries.

However, industrialization and globalization have made their manufacture evolve as well. Also, from the hand of great brands that have emerged and have bet on the manufacture in Elche. No doubt you’ve bet on a winning horse.

A new generation of brands such as Pikolinos, Kelme, Mustang or Panama Jack was born. Aware that it is already impossible to compete with the Asians in terms of price. We are committed to building a brand image that is recognized worldwide. However, the fierce competition with Eastern industry does not cease, to the extent that many Chinese entrepreneurs come to Elche to set up their own workshops here.


As we have mentioned, the competition with Asia is such that there are already businessmen settled in Elche to compete to the detriment of the municipality’s brand. The damage is such that underground workshops keep springing up. This means that the era of maximum splendour of this industry is unfortunately behind us.

However, we cannot lose sight of or forget what Elche has meant to the world of footwear and, thanks to new entrepreneurs in the sector such as Almudena Navalón, they have made it clear that the manufacture of their handmade shoes leaves them in the hands of those pioneers centuries ago in footwear manufacturing. A craft production in these times of maximum industrialization. Times when we don’t appreciate that traditional manufacturing. Where we do not know how to value that final product that comes from true craftsmen.


It is no longer surprising that Spanish footwear brands cause a sensation beyond our borders. We cannot be surprised either that a 100% Spanish brand with Spanish manufacture like Manolo Blahnik is desired by many women and is considered one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Not anymore. It is time to value that product that is produced here, close to us.

Marlon Sneakers, when he emerged in his designer’s mind, went through many phases until he decided how his sneakers would be produced and, above all, where they would be manufactured. Its brand values are clear: sustainability, commitment and quality. And with these values, we wanted to give prominence to those forgotten artisans who make quality footwear, with the best materials and with a guarantee. Therefore, we had it clear and all the manufacturing is done there, in Alicante, cradle of footwear worldwide.


The great bet that the designer of Marlon Sneakers made was in the manufacture of handmade sneakers, one by one. Controlling the entire manufacturing process. Guaranteeing the highest quality standards. Throughout the process, a multitude of professionals have been involved in moulding unique products.

Hides with certification of origin have been used in the production. Ensuring that materials are used that are committed to the environment and to the responsible use of ecosystem conservation. The soles come from different European countries that are pioneers in their manufacture, but the leathers and the manufacture of the sneakers are made entirely in Spain. In this way, our brand contributes to our society by creating a business model of circular economy and local economy.

Marlon Sneakers has his own stamp. Creating a concept of handmade sneakers, but fashionable, shoes, manufactured in Spain, comfortable, but with attractive designs and great qualities, which are adapted to modern life. Handmade sneakers to wear at any occasion and to create a trend at every step.


Marlon Sneakers contribution to the footwear sector or to the world of sneakers is to escape from conventional sports footwear and design with comfort in mind, linked to the latest fashion trends. They’re sneakers with personality. Always looking for: the comfort of a pair of sports shoes, the elegance of its materials and the originality of its designs.

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