If something is clear in this 2020 is that consumers are strongly committed to street style and casual looks. We want to go comfortable, but without losing that touch of sophistication of our looks. Who has said that fashion is synonymous with going awkward or uncomfortable? Therefore, sneakers are the top accessories to complete your wardrobe. The first data of 2019 indicate that the average expenditure on sneakers is approximately 170 euros. With this data we can affirm that consumers are increasingly betting on quality, handmade, ecofriendly footwear. However, we are convinced to acquire footwear with quality materials, although the price is higher. And if something is going to be a trend this year are the sneakers with track sole. About this type of soles we talk in this post.

The sneakers fever doesn’t seem to end. More and more consumers choose this type of footwear more comfortable. Consumers who not only love fashion and novelties.

Until recently, sneakers were sneakers for sports or use rarely. Fashion has evolved. Now, we have very well worked designs available. These designs offer the possibility of using sneakers for both a more casual look and a more sophisticated look. The range of possibilities is increasing. Marlon Sneakers offers sneakers for different occasions, some of them very versatile. The 001 of both men and women are a classic. We can say that they are the essential type of sneaker in your closet background. We can wear these sneakers for more casual looks with jeans, skirts or dresses (in the case of girls) or with almost any type of pants in the case of boys.


As we have indicated, the range of possibilities for a sneaker is infinite. This year 2020 will be a trend a type of sole with which we work in Marlon. It is the sole track. We currently find it in our 006 models for girls. Take over from the toothed sole ankle boots. The sneakers with track sole are multiplying their presence in the sets of stylists, editors, prescribers and insiders of the industry in general. These models offer a tendency to the simplest styling. This sole is ideal for rainy days because its jagged shape will prevent slips. In addition, they have a plus: they add extra centimeters of height without losing comfort.


For many designers, it is a too thick sole that does not stylize women. We believe the opposite. It is a comfortable, chic and sophisticated sole which brings a lot to the style and silhouette of women.


Currently, the sneaker 006 track black is one of our most demanded sneakers. Its design brings originality and versatility. It is a groundbreaking and very daring design. Some sneakers that will not leave anyone indifferent. They are made in different textures. They have a maxi sole that brings a few centimeters in height. Rough looking, recalls the 80s and 90s. They are sneakers with track soles similar to trekking boots, but with a more modern touch. Despite their hard appearance, they are very comfortable, so much that you will have them as favorites in your day to day.



006 TRACK MILITARY sneakers have the same design as 006 TRACK BLACK. However, 006 track military sneakers have a military color. Without a doubt, it is the most groundbreaking model in the collection. If you are one of those who bet on risk, these are your sneakers. Suitable for the most daring and cool people. Like the previous ones, they resemble trekking boots and stand out for their robustness and durability. But how can you combine these sneakers? The answer is easy. These sneakers are ideal for different looks. These shoes have an innovative design. It perfectly combines the skin in green, with its military and crocodile print in the heel and side areas. They have a maxi sole that enhances the figure of the woman. It also offers a lot of comfort. They have an ornament loop that gives them that point of authenticity that characterizes Marlon.



We have to tell you that this type of footwear will be a trend all year. Who would say a few months ago that this type of footwear so groundbreaking was going to become a trend? Well, the truth is that it is a fact. In addition, this type of footwear is no longer just winter. They are very powerful in spring and even in summer. Now, we can use this type of footwear along with other types such as stilettos, dancers and, at most, sneakers. The sneakers with track sole come to stay and animate your outfits.

Surely, these sneakers will be the protagonists in many festivals this spring-summer which will be combined with festive dresses once the concert season begins they add sophistication and large doses of style.


The trend is clear: this year sneakers with track soles are in fashion. That cane sole, XXL and very powerful with which you will always go a few inches above the ground. Therefore, this shoe is not only the most comfortable of the moment, it also stylizes 100% and will make you look taller. In addition, they are easy to combine. Until now we had only seen these soles in boots and booties, but the world of sneaker is evolving so much that we already found them in shoes like our 006 models. And you, are you daring to wear your shoes with track sole?

More sneakers with platform? Another alternative to heeled sandals? The answers are yes and yes.

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