We hear more and more about the concept of ugly sneakers or what is the same, “ugly” sneakers. In addition, it is that, the “ugly” is a trend as far as fashion is concerned. So lose the fear of “ugliness” because it will have a hole in your closet.

However, let us analyse this style carefully. The ugly shoe fever that started a few years ago does not seem to be ending, at least for now. Celebrities and style prescribers not only continue to bet non-stop for the most extravagant versions of platform sneakers. Beauty is subjective and there is something almost magical about these shoes with questionable aesthetics, which is that, in its different shapes, exaggerated lines or hyperbolic heights, is the key that makes a normal look worthy of street style.

Nevertheless, why is it necessary to have this type of sneakers? Very easy:

  • Because they can be the perfect icing for an office look.
  • Because they are cool, the most ‘in’ fashion accessory.
  • Because they look surprisingly good with a great dress.
  • Because they are the perfect icing on a pair of bell-bottoms.
  • Because they can also be romantic.
  • Because they can look good with a vintage look.
  • Because of its versatility.
  • Because they can be suitable for all ages.
  • Because they can give that point of colour to your more sober looks.


Sneakers, until recently, used to be basic, some with a slightly retro touch that many brands kept, but almost all with classic colours that allowed them to easily combine with any look. What they were not undoubtedly ugly sneakers. Chunky sneakers looked like they had passed the baton back to pretty sneakers, but in reality they have not. There has simply been an evolution in them, but they remain the alternative to minimalist and traditional designs.

It is not about antagonizing them. They are antagonistic styles that the same person does not usually like because one is defined by the simple, clean and proportionate lines while the other does it by the combinations of bright colours, mammoth and disproportionate shapes, but there are times for everything, that is to say that they can live together in the same dressing room without any problem.

Ugly sneakers are characterized by not having a static or corseted style, but quite the opposite. Her style is avant-garde, daring, groundbreaking, in short. Moreover, there probably lies his success and that direct connection that he has created above all with the generations of young urbanites.


Ugly sneakers are so versatile that they can be your perfect ally to go to the office or for long hours at work. In addition, it is that, we must not give up the comfort that this type of footwear offers us and, in turn, wear a look of the most trend. A basic white T-shirt, dress pants and a blazer along with your favourite sneakers can be your future star outfit to go to work.

Moreover, for the boys? Likewise, sneakers are no longer a sports or informal accessory. Now, people can also wear ugly sneakers at times as different as to go to the office, to a dinner or to any party no matter how elegant it may seem. Chunky sneakers have become necessary have in any men’s wardrobe.


It seems strange to think that a complement that, a priori, we are calling ‘ugly’ is a trend. The term ugly for sneakers is coined to classify a type of ground-breaking sneakers, which give a distinctive and risky touch to any look or those sneakers that do not go unnoticed at all.

A Marlon, they are versatile shoes. Away from the conventional sneakers, they offer a perfect complement to complete your look. The most distinctive element of a Marlon are their soles, which will make you gain a few inches without sacrificing comfort. Everyone likes to stand out and, in this way, you can give an original and different touch to all your outfits; a striking and fresh alternative to classic sneakers.

In the 90s, platform shoes were a boom. Part of its success was because icons from the world of music, such as the Spice Girls or Britney Spears, popularized its use. That 90s fashion seems to be back as all trends point to a revival of that decade.

In this sense, the designs proposed by Marlon stand out for being fresh, current and with a great variety to choose from. Whether you are looking for a casual style or a sportier one, with a flat or serrated sole, you will find the perfect pair for you.

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