Chunky sneakers are the kind of sneakers that you either love or hate. They have no middle ground. For this reason, their audience is very loyal to them, as well as they find detractors everywhere. However, what kind of sneakers do chunky sneakers represent? You have seen them countless times on the street, but perhaps you have not stopped to see what touch they bring to your look. You will recognize them by their shape, with a more or less exaggerated sole and an impossible design that tends to deformity. Perhaps, this last definition is a bit exaggerated, although there are designs that are almost deformed.

What if we told you that every day there are more lovers than detractors of chunky sneakers? Well, yes, since there are many recognized influencers and bloggers who visualize this type of shoe and, therefore, influence many consumers. These renowned celebrities have made them much-applauded sneakers to complete a total look of the most chic.


If we look back, these somewhat rare sneakers began to be a trend thanks to Balenciaga, when they launched their Triple S model that soon became fashionable influencers. Then there were many who cried out to heaven, but, to the contrary, there were also many who fell in love with them. That, without a doubt, was the turning point of the chunky sneakers. Now many firms seek the trend in this type of shoe looking for their own versions.

However, it should be noted that the origin of the chunky sneakers could be even more in the 90s. Who does not remember the Spice Girls with those sneakers and shoes with impossible soles? Then Britney Spears? Many of you who were teenagers at that time remember.

Now, a new shoe design movement has sought to rescue that idea of sneakers from the 80s and, above all, 90s and make them fashionable again. Nevertheless, this time with new airs and new designs that are urban, commercial and sophisticated. These are shoes with which to break the norms of what is established in streetwear and with which to be the centre of all eyes.

Ever since Balenciaga kicked off these sneakers, we can see them everywhere. We have them in all colours and for all pockets and tastes. From Nike to Puma to newer fashion firms like our brand Marlon Sneakers, everyone has a chunky sneakers model.


Undoubtedly, this trend of recovering the 80s and 90s is what has inspired the current Marlon Sneakers collection and the one that will be launched in a few weeks. In contrast to the rest of sneakers on the market. Marlon are the perfect complement to any outfit, from the most casual to the most sophisticated. They are versatile and comfortable, but stand out for the quality of their materials and their manufacture. 100% Made in Spain, from the hand of great artisans who are in Spain in terms of footwear.

Manufactured one to one, they are sustainable shoes that promote the economy and local development, relying on tradition to find the perfect shoes that become essential in your wardrobe. From the most basic such as the 001 models, both in their male and female versions, to the most ground-breaking such as the 006 Track model available for girls.


The fashion industry, in general, is marked as one of the most polluting industries. For this reason, more and more initiatives are emerging that reduce these CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by achieving sustainable products. Marlon’s chunky sneakers are one of those initiatives whose hallmark is its social commitment. To do this, it has opted for local manufacturing instead of externally so that from design until the end consumer enjoys them, it is contaminated as little as possible and, above all, in the manufacturing process the rights of workers and not as occurs in other leading countries in large-scale manufacturing such as India or China but that lack rights over workers and where there is child exploitation. This is not the case with the big brands where they have opted for fast and cheap manufacturing to increase profits.

When you buy a model from the Denis Marlon brand, you know that you are making a responsible purchase, because by buying Made in Spain items you are helping to support a company in the country. As a direct consequence, you energize the Spanish economy and collaborate in its recovery: protectionist consciousness comes to the fore in an increasingly globalized era. It is time to support our own, which makes us different from the rest.

When you buy a Denis Marlon design, you will be sure that you have contributed your grain of sand to a society of which you are a part. Why not bet on Spain? For your industry? Because of its tradition? For its people?


In addition, this is nothing; this fashion for chunky sneakers has only just begun. That revolution of the 90s breaks out with force. There are many and varied designs that are yet to come. Marlon will launch new models in the coming weeks.

If you already have your chunky Marlon sneakers and you love them, put them on with your best outfit and share the photo on Instagram by tagging @MarlonSneakers and using the hashtag #MarlonSneakers.

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