Marlon, Fila Disruptor and any other sneaker brand in this category have undisputedly become the new stars of street style when it comes to footwear. We are talking about sneakers with platforms, sneakers that are taking city capitals by storm, once a classic and now a must have accessory. A sneaker to upgrade your look. Comfortable and versatile, these sneakers can be worn with any outfit which is a guaranteed success.

No wonder they have become the it item for fashion editors and stylists across the globe. They have so much style that they attract followers instantly. How can you not get addicted to them is they are the perfect shoe for any occasion.

These sport shoes welcome a new brand into the market, Denis Marlon a brand that is set to be a total hit. The brand created by Almudena Navalón Martín is defined by its originality, great quality, originality and great craftsmanship. They will totally conquer you.

The risk she took gave birth to a creation that serves its purpose: Marlon sneakers will make you stand out in a crowd, you will be the envy of the town. You may ask yourself what is different about these sneakers in comparison to other brands. Here are some of the main differences. Once you meet Marlon you won’t want to take them off.

Social commitment to the country

Marlon’s brand identity is socially committed. Every pair is manufactured by  hand in Spain. The Fila Disruptor were also founded in Italy, the same country where their  facilities are located.

When you buy a pair of Denis Marlon sneakers, which are made in Spain, you know that you are making a responsible purchase by supporting the national economy. This helps boosts the Spanish economy and aids in its recovery being conscious that in today’s globalised market it is important to support the national economy.

It also implies a sustainable purchase. Since this is a proximity product, you can have peace of mind by knowing that you are collaborating to maintain jobs in our country. You are also reducing the carbon footprint by purchasing a national product.

When you buy a pair of Denis Marlon sneakers you know that you are putting your grain of sand in a society that you are part of. Neither Fila Disruptor nor any other foreign shoe manufacturer will offer you that same feeling. Why not bet on your country and its people?

Support to national craftsmanship

Marlon sneakers are, above all, crafted fashion shoes, they are not the product from a factory in which the machines reproduce each piece without variation in a continuous process. To opt for these sneakers is to support artisans who keep centenary knowledge alive and who are currently threatened by technological advances.

This is a fact. Their work is in danger of extinction in a time when automated jobs are faster and have lower production costs. But neither robots nor computerized machinery will ever grant a seal of precise and skilled work to their production line.

Would you jeopardize their work, a deep-rooted tradition which has been passed on from generation to generation, to purchase other shoes that are not ours? We are convinced that your answer is no. Marlon shoes can help preserve that deep rooted craftsmanship and support artisans in Spain who take care of even the smallest details of their creations.

Special products with a lot of personality

When you take a look at the Marlon lookbook you can see the dedication and time that the Spanish brand put into each pair. Proven by its unique and original designs not found in Italian brands or any other brand for a matter of fact.

That is the case of the SAD sneaker model. They may look like boots. In fact, they have that outer appearance. But these are high-top sneakers ideal for any autumn and winter day. Made of leather, they incorporate very soft hair inside, as well as a velcro that allows them to be adjustable at the ankles. The comfort of sports shoes and the elegance of boots go hand in hand to create an exclusive design that you can also choose in an ice color.

The Track Military, the most groundbreaking sneaker in the collection. We warn you that it is only suitable for cool and daring people, for a jack of all trades. They are inspired by trekking shoes and are as durable as they are robust, successfully combining military print, green skin and crocodile-like fabric.

If you are more of a sweeter and feminine type of person then you will love our Rainbow sneaker that comes in pastel colors. The combination of colors and textures will make these shoes not go unnoticed when you wear them with your favorite dresses or with all kinds of pants.

Your purchase will be a total hit

Denis Marlon is an authentic brand with its own personality, versus the Fila Disruptor and other brands that sell sneakers with platforms. Marlon was born from a philosophy based on respect for the country’s own production and the craftsmanship that exists in our country, which generates jobs and provides continuity.

In addition, its designs with that maxi sole will enhance your figure without eliminating comfort. Its collection is equipped with special creations capable of combining with all kinds of outfits, compared to those of Fila Disruptor. You’ll want to get all the Marlon sneaker models! Don’t think twice and bet on these shoes. They will help you find your own path and personal style. They adapt to to any situation. Visit the Marlon website to learn about the “shoes” that will make you fall in love. Try them and you will not be able to live without them.

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