We imagine that you are already a bit oversaturated with so much coronavirus, right? We have already been home for several days in this confinement that has forced us to stop. I do not know about you, but at Marlon Sneakers, we have the perception of constantly receiving very pessimistic messages that cause us anguish and sadness. In this time of #Yomequedoencasa, we can spend part of our time looking for entertainment and leisure. We know that you are limited to the space in your house that is too small for you. However, do you know one thing? This will happen; we will be free again soon, although now it seems to us that this has no end. The time will come when we will go outside again and enjoy everything that is outside. So what better way to spend time thinking about the outfits we are going to wear this spring? Let us do this optimism exercise thinking that this is going to happen, let us take advantage of the time with our families and keep our heads busy. Thus, this situation will be more bearable.


Do we tell you a secret? This spring you can go to the last without giving up being comfortable. Thanks to sneakers, we can get a comfortable spring outfit without giving up almost anything. In addition, is that sneakers are still a trend this spring and they will continue to be many more seasons. Many of you tell us that you do not see yourself wearing sneakers beyond a casual look. Well we tell you that it is time to get out of the comfort zone and risk a little when you want to go comfortable.

We can use our sneakers with skirts. Most of you need looks that last you from morning to night. Work, activities with the little ones, meetings with friends … make us have a very busy day and we hardly spend time thinking about what we are going to wear and, above all, not to “suffer” with that diabolical look that will torture us all the day. Today you do not need to be on some heels to be beautiful and stylish. With our white sneakers such as 001 White, 004 White or 005 White you will go from look to super look in a second. Three sneakers of different styles.

A classic to use the sneakers is with a cowboy and this spring we will see the streets full of women with looks that combine jeans and sneakers. In addition, the platform sneakers are ideal to add a few centimetres to the silhouette without having to reduce comfort and nothing better than any of our sneakers that provide those additional centimetres that many of you claim. An example of sneakers to wear this spring and that have a platform are the 006 models. Either one will make you come out of the most common and will add some risk to your look, but, without a doubt, you will not go unnoticed. With shorter skirts, they will be the centre of your spring look.

by asos.com


If you are one of those looking for trends, trends and trends of each season … Relax, do not panic. There are many options and easier than it seems to find your spring outfit. In the end, the trend that most marks is the street style. Street style; the one with no written rules; that of ordinary people; the one outside the catwalks; of which, on many occasions, fashion absorbs trends and what in principle is worn by a few different ones, ends up being a must in all wardrobes. That is the authentic street style.

Street Looks have become the best showcase to know the most current trends of the moment. Going to work, taking the children to school, having a beer with friends or walking the dog. The looks chosen for the everyday moments in the lives of the world’s influential and famous people are, without a doubt, the starting point of this young fashion concept.

Be yourself and risk. Not following the rules, but breaking them. Overlapping garments, mix of prints, fabrics … Anything goes, if you are the one who chooses it and defends it like no one else.

  • The blazers are more fashionable than ever and they wear EVERYTHING. Combine them with your favourite jeans, with your printed dresses or with wide pants. The options are endless. Nevertheless, you will succeed for sure.
  • Take a risk this spring. Do not be afraid to mix the trendy patterns and colours of the season. The bolder the combination, the better! Finish off the styling with more classic accessories to balance the set.
  • If taking risks with this season’s fashion trends does not convince you, sign up for the minimalist style. To recreate the best looks of those who know the most about fashion, you will only need basic garments, such as the white shirt, the blue jeans or the blazer.


Unbelievably, black is also a colour for your spring outfit. It takes on a special role in street style. This does not mean that it becomes the main colour of your look, but it can be a colour that completes it. Moreover, what better way to complete it than with your black sneakers? A leopard skirt, a black top and your 001 Black sneakers, do you dare? Feeling sure of yourself when you step on the street is essential to not limit the style that breaks the mold in the streets.

by asos.com

If you are one of those, who feels good with black as the main colour, this spring you can abuse this colour with a black midi dress and our 005 Black. Black is a colour that you can incorporate into your most casual looks or into your office looks. You can also wear 001 Black or 005 Black with a midi dress with more striking and spring colours.


In addition, so far these little brushstrokes to wear this spring when everything returns to normal, it will return. It will undoubtedly be a spring and a summer very different from those we had experienced. Nevertheless, what is certain is that we will value life, the liberated one, our friends, and our family members like never before. It is the time to fight, of hope, of positivism, of joy. #TODOIRABIEN

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