For a while now, platform sneakers have become a must in any closet. This trend has been present during the last seasons and everything seems to indicate that it will continue to accompany us in the future. You still don’t have a pair? In that case, read on and discover why Marlon is the brand for you!

Platform sneakers that combine style and design

The most distinctive element in this type of shoes is its platform, which will make you gain a few centimeters without sacrificing comfort. Everyone likes to stand out and, in this way, you can give your looks an original and different touch; A striking and fresh alternative to the classic sneaker.

In the 90s platform sneakers were a total hit. Part of the success was due to the fact that music icons, such as the Spice Girls and Britney Spears, made them popular during that time. Today, some of those 90s styles are back and this type of shoe has made its comeback and it has also been adapted to the demands of current trends. It should be noted that not only women have surrendered to the platforms, but more and more men dare to wear them.

In this sense, Marlon’s designs stand out for being fresh, current and there is a great variety to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a casual style or a sportier one, with flat or jagged soles, you’ll find the perfect pair for you.

There is a great variety of color, you can choose between the elegant black, the timeless white, neutral tones or more colorful and risky options to dress your feet.

Can they I wear them for formal occasions?

One of the most interesting aspects that these sneakers have is their versatility. Sports shoes are no longer worn exclusively to exercise, they have become an indispensable accessory in the fashion world, even when being introduced to more formal environments.

You can wear these platforms to go to the office and to attend social gatherings, it all depends on how you combine them. We are sure that they will become your inseparable companions, since they are perfect for many occasions and can be worn with different styles and outfits.

A basic white T-shirt, dress pants and a blazer can be worn with your favorite platforms and that look can become your future star outfit to go to work. Combine them with a short velvet dress and a leather jacket for the perfect outfit to attend a party. These are just some ideas, but with very little effort, you will be able to create a trendy and feminine look, for any occasion that comes your way.

And for the men? Break the monotony of your usual suit by pairing it with white sneakers for an elegant and casual business look. No one will feel indifferent.

Additionally, another factor that must be taken into account is that, by adding those extra centimeters, the platforms will help stylize your figure, so that all the clothes you wear will have a better fit.

And what about everyday use?

Be the king or queen of street style with your pair of platforms and show the world your personality.

Sneakers are the footwear of choice for every day use and Marlon sneakers fit that description. Achieve that striking appearance, a casual and comfortable one when wearing those platforms, which will put the main focus on your feet and show the best of you every day.

With a basic t-shirt and your favorite jeans you will achieve a simple look, but, without a doubt, a very striking one. However, you push your own limits, and you can decide how complicated you want your looks to be. The most important thing is that you are faithful to your style and feel comfortable with the result.

Comfort with Marlon sneakers

Comfort is an element that we should not overlook when we buy footwear. We all like shoes to be beautiful and colorful, but we cannot forget that they must fulfill a very important function. Using models that are uncomfortable, that do not properly hold the foot or are of poor quality can lead to serious health problems. This is an aspect that we must keep in mind when investing in a pair of shoes.

At Marlon, design and comfort do not have to be at odds and in fact they go hand in hand. The platforms, in addition to styling the body, serve as a support and provide greater stability. In this way, walking and maintaining balance is much simpler. You can say goodbye to all the problems in your ankles and feet thanks to Marlon sneakers.

Last, we can’t forget the qualities of the materials in the sneakers, as they help increase the feeling of comfort, they are resistant and consciously made so that there are no perspiration issues.

Marlon, the Spanish brand that you can’t live without

In addition to all the advantages that we have described above, we must also state that Marlon is committed to proving the best quality and warranty in craftsmanship.

All the products included in this brand have been manufactured in Spain, by hand, using the best raw materials and taking care of even the smallest details in each step of the creation process. The result? Innovative high end quality products, with a design that follows the latest trends but without compromising tradition.

There is nothing like putting trust in a brand that can provide all these features when you are shopping for a new pair of sneakers. If after reading this article you want to get your own platform sneakers, we recommend you take a look at the models that Marlon has for you. Quality, design and comfort just one click away!

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