If this terrible pandemic forced us to do something, it was to stop. Of everything bad there is always something positive. For several weeks we stopped and that stop helped us to get to know each other, to relate in a different way, to live unique moments with our family, to love each other, to listen to each other and above all to be more human. Urban life is generally very fast-paced, rather rushed. We don’t even have time for ourselves. We go fast from one place to another. We push our schedule as much as possible to cover everything and more. But, above all, we lose many habits that reduce our quality of life. Perhaps such insignificant things that negatively affect our life. Therefore, today we are going to analyze 8 healthy habits for the most urban.

Urban life is pretty crazy and can become stressful for people who are disorganized and have not learned to create good habits. Unhealthy customs and routines: leading a sedentary life, eating too much fast food, sleeping too little, abusing elements such as alcohol, cigarettes or TV, are sadly characteristic of living in the city.

Although the pandemic changed many habits, there are some of them that have worsened because we have not been able to take advantage of the time that nature offered us for ourselves. Others, however, have taken advantage of this great opportunity and their habits have changed for the better. Because this “new normal” has also prompted people to wash their hands better and more times, wear a mask, keep their distance, and also put more emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting the house.


Although living in the city is synonymous with greater stress, we cannot let that stress break into our home. It is good that we make our house a perfect oasis where we can leave behind all the bad things of the day, look for that relaxed moment, so that you remain healthy both physically and emotionally. How to get it?


Even if you’ve heard it a thousand and one times, the best way to lead a healthy life is to be active. Physical activity is essential to balance body and mind. There’s a middle ground between pounding yourself in the gym and leading a totally sedentary life. Find that physical activity that you like the most, with which you enjoy. For example, go for a run, go for a walk, do yoga, practice some collective sport, sign up to dance … It is about exercising our body because it will help us reduce stress and improve our mental health. It starts today better than tomorrow.


Generally, the lack of time makes us fall into the temptation of going to fast food. We have little time and we want to eat something fast and generally cheap. Fast food restaurants flood our cities. But that flood does not mean that we have to go to them to feed ourselves. It is advisable to organize your time well so that your diet is based more on homemade, natural and balanced food.

You may not have a lot of time to cook, but if you organize yourself, you can define days of the week when you cook for several days. In addition to saving money, you will eat better, because you will know the origin and quality of your food, and you will be able to control the portions and levels of sugar, fried foods and other unhealthy foods.

Everything is a matter of organization, laziness is our worst ally.


Have you already forgotten the eternal communications that we maintained during confinement? We spent many hours talking with family and friends. Even with those you talked to the least. These long conversations helped us get to know each other badly, to get to know the people around us more. Why not make it a habit?

We all have the perfect excuse for communicating little with others: lack of time. We always go to this phrase when someone claims us. As always, there is time for everything. Take advantage of any time during the day to talk with your mother, father, siblings or friends. Worry about them. It’s not about compromise calls or conversations. It is necessary to talk about what happens to us, about how we feel, just as it is necessary to listen to others and worry about what happens to them.

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Avoid isolating yourself, this will help you stay emotionally healthy, and connected with those you love, especially if you live alone. The mere fact of feeling close to your loved ones will lift your spirits.


If we have something incredible in Spain, it is the sun. How healthy the sun is and how it positively affects our health. Vitamin D is extremely important for health. What better way to obtain it than through the sun. The sun offers us the greatest source of vitamin D in a natural way that is absorbed through the skin.

The deficiency of this vitamin can cause weakening of the bones and even depression, so you should not forget to sunbathe for 15-20 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week, while keeping the precautions that this exposure entails. Watch out! Do not abuse and try to avoid the central hours of the day where the sun can be harmful.


Rest is the only one that comforts us from the busyness of the day. Lack of rest can negatively affect our health. As we know, you have to rest at least 7-8 hours a day to make that rest restorative. It is not enough to sleep if that rest does not comfort our body. Avoid staying up late and using electronic devices such as the telephone or video games before going to bed, as well as stimulants such as coffee just before sleeping.


Drink a lot of water. Being well hydrated is essential to regulate the body and purify toxins. Also, your joints will benefit and you will keep oxidation at bay.

Los médicos recomiendan beber al menos ocho vasos de agua al día, que esto puede equivaler entre 1 y 2 litros de agua al día. Ofrece un efecto saciante y nos ayuda a hidratarnos que es lo que necesitamos para que el cuerpo funcione correctamente.


Have you heard of Mindfulness? This practice wants to remind us that everything we do can be done better from relaxation. Some call it meditating, but it basically consists of doing nothing, or thinking anything, for ten minutes at a time. Something that sounds so simple but requires practice. At home, at work or on the subway, when you get up or when you feel overwhelmed… stop, close your eyes and try to leave your mind empty for a few minutes. Just by doing this little gesture you will feel that your anxiety levels are reduced and you begin to see things differently.


The home in the city should be a reflection of the health of our body. Therefore, cleanliness and order is essential. Use disinfectants for the floor, and for frequently used objects, such as your mobile, keys, among others. Cleaning the house is also important to prevent infections. Just as keeping the home in order is essential, so is body hygiene. Another way to be better and live in a healthy way is to maintain good indoor and outdoor hygiene. And this includes taking special care with our oral health so that problems in the teeth do not develop.

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