Although the temperatures make it clear that we are still in summer, the truth is that autumn is approaching and is just around the corner. This September, the great secrets of the brands begin to be uncovered for the next season. Fasion trends that will undoubtedly mark what we will see on the street.

Therefore, in our blog today we want to highlight ten of the trends that you will surely wear this coming fall-winter. A season marked by the pandemic where masks and their groundbreaking designs will be the garment par excellence.

Looking ahead to next fall we will see many trends inspired by the 80s and 90s but updated to our century but that will make us go back in time and remember those wonderful years with nostalgia.

Get ready and let nothing stop you when it comes to innovating your style of clothing.

Prepárate y que nada te pare a la hora de innovar en tu estilo de ropa.


Although it is surprising, this coming season white and ecru will be a trend. In addition, the white and the crude for the winter is not something the result of chance. Last winter we already had some brushstrokes of these colours so, if in last winter’s sales you bought a sweater or coat in white or ecru, you are in luck. This season you can wear it and you will continue to be the most modern.

As always, black is a star colour in the wardrobe. However, this year it is much more so. A black garment is a wardrobe essential. It combines in almost any outfit so investing in garments in this colour is a success.


Muchos de vosotros os pondréis súper contentos cuando sepáis que los chalecos serán todo tendencia este otoño/invierno. Tanto si tu estilo es dandy como bohemio, o incluso ochentero, hay un chaleco especial para ti. Los ceñidos sentarán muy bien a las siluetas reloj de arena, y los oversize hacen maravillas con una silueta tipo manzana. ¡No puede faltar en tu armario!


Last winter, midi skirts were an absolute trend. Nevertheless, this next season we go further. Midi pencil skirts are fine, but they still have a classic air that is solved in one fell swoop with a good opening. If you still have a straight midi skirt in your closet, give it a good snip and show off your style this coming fall / winter.


Get a long or very long coat, but, yes, simple with few details in the cold. Choose it with or without buttons, but yes, of a quality cloth to guarantee an elegant and sophisticated look. The only extravagance that is allowed is to get out of the classic camel or black and go for shades that can be quite striking.


The drops in temperatures will not prevent the plunging necklines from succeeding in autumn, so if you are looking for an impressive set for a special celebration, do not hesitate to get a minimalist dress, but with a V-neckline. In addition, it helps to stylize the silhouette. Ideal for the shorter ones!


Ponchos, fur coats, flowered dresses, knitted coats … You will see this casual style every day next fall. Choose it in garments of comfortable fabrics and impeccable finishes, almost luxurious, so that they do not have a careless hippy air but rather elegant and chic.


The jacket will take on a special role among our outerwear next winter. Those jackets from the eighties and nineties are back in the most “Top Gun” style. With a marked eighties accent with large shoulder pads, our favourite is without a doubt the aviator style.


With an air between childish and schoolboy, the white collar is one of those details that will give your look an air of fashion insider this season. You can improvise it very easily with things that you have in your closet, just put on a sweater with a closed neckline over a white shirt. Total success!


Well yes, do not give up being warm this winter. The proposal will be the thick and comfy point that will invade the shop windows. Bet on oversize dresses or mega chunky sweaters, and do not forget your heels if you want to look more stylized and not add oversized sizes.


If you are only buying one shirt this fall, the only requirement is that it has a large bowl. It is the key piece to transform your most basic and simple looks into something trendy. Jackets, jeans, tailored suits … All this that you already have in your closet will look much trendier if you combine it with this type of shirt.

Moreover, you, which of these fashion trends for next winter do you prefer?

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